Who said Gelato and Sorbets can't be nutritious?

Artiserie is an artisanal crèmerie for plant-based gelato and sorbets. We source quality ingredients that are natural, unprocessed and dairy-free. We have dozens of flavors that will spark your curiosity, satisfy your palate and introduce you to a new tradition of indulgence.


Meet Prashanti. The founder, maker, taster, and the source of all good scoops at Artiserie.

As she switched to a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle, she observed positive trends around the world such as healthy eating, concern for the environment, and growing need for ethical and sustainable food production.

Prashanti’s objective is to make healthy foods not just tasty, but mainstream.

With this in mind, she decided to pick a product that she had a weakness for - gelato! Hundreds of iterations, permutations and combinations later, she now has the perfect recipes for delicious and healthy frozen treats.

And the world has Artiserie.


At Artiserie, everything we do is filtered through the lens of our company's vision and mission statements. We hold them close to our heart, and make sure that whatever direction we grow in, we are always true to who we are.

Our Vision: Create indulgent plant-based and planet-friendly food.

Our Mission: Provide clean and healthy plant-based gelato and sorbets to people of all ages.


Every single scoop that we serve is a result of us deeply following our brand values - Delicious, Nutritious and Conscious.

Delicious: Our gelato and sorbets are artisanal and hand-crafted in unique flavors that will leave you wanting more. Every serving is creamy, rich and packed with flavor.

Nutritious: All our ingredients are natural and unprocessed. Which means we focus on using extracts, not essences. Good fats, not trans fats. Jaggery, not processed sugar.

Conscious: We work towards sourcing sustainable ingredients and packaging. We commit 7% of our profits to organizations across the world that help protect our planet.