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Banoffee Pie


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Bananas + Caramel + Pie Crust

Think fresh banana cream pie, minus the oven! 
Fresh Bananas blended with our signature mylk slow-churned to gelato, salted caramel sauce swirled in and topped off with almond-date pie crust. A creamy classic favorite, this is a perfect light dessert post any heavy meal... or even for breakfast! 

Serving information: Our gelato are low in sugar and fat and emulsifier-free, so leave outside for 10-15 minutes for perfect consistency. 

Fresh Banana, cashew milk (cashew, water), coconut milk (coconut pulp, water), jaggery, organic coconut oil, Indian guar gum, Himalayan pink salt Pie Crust - roasted almonds, dates, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, peaberry coffee powder, Himalayan pink salt Caramel sauce - coconut milk, arrowroot powder, jaggery, Himalayan pink salt

Cashew, coconut, almond

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